Frequently asked questions that customers ask SupremeClean360.

We provide complimentary laundry bags to our clients that you can keep after your laundry is dropped off.

You can use our mobile app or schedule an appointment through your browser to schedule times that work for you. You can also call us directly to schedule an appointment if preferred.
It takes 3 days for us to clean, pack, and deliver your clothes. We can do rush orders for an additional fee. Call us for more information.
It depends upon where you live. You can call us and speak with us directly to figure out the best option.
A 2% tax on dry cleaning and laundry services will be added to the bill and paid to the State of Florida. The imposition of the tax was requested by the Florida Dry Cleaners Coalition.
Yes – we’ll care and look after your garments as if they were ours, but if you’re unsatisfied with a job done for any reason, we offer free redos.
We use hydrocarbon for our dry cleaning and an eco-friendly wet cleaning solution, depending on the garments.
No, we do not have a cancellation fee policy at this time.